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United 328 Passengers

If you or someone you know was on board United Flight 328 (UA328) from Denver to Honolulu on Feb. 20th, 2021, it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. The class action that was filed in 2021 has ended because all named plaintiffs have resolved their disputes with United. This means that unless you take action, you will not be a part of any settlement or judgment.

Jonathan Corbett, Esq., has already represented approx. 20 passengers on this flight -- more than any other firm -- and can help get you the resolution you deserve for having to deal with fear of flying, trouble sleeping, flashbacks, other PTSD-like symptoms, or simply for the emotional distress of having to deal with 18 minutes of terror. The statute of limitations regarding this matter is fast approaching, so please use the contact form below or call (310) 684-3870 to speak with the attorney right away.
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Contacting Mr. Corbett using this form (or via e-mail) does not create an attorney-client relationship or attorney-client privilege. Please do not send confidential information in initial correspondence.